We offer the following specific Design Services:

1. Site Planning and Regulatory Requirements
2. Renovation, Addition and New Building Design
3. Project Permitting: Building, Conservation, Historic, Zoning
4. Construction Management and Full-Service Project Management
5. Coordinated Site Survey and Septic Design
6. Interior Design
7. Custom Kitchen and Bath Design
8. Custom Cabinetry and Built-In Furniture Design
9. Millwork
10. Coordinated Landscape and Sitework Design

Scope of Design Services

Task 1: Initial Meeting

An initial site visit to your home for evaluation of the programmatic goals and design potential will help set the course for the project. Visiting the site, evaluating the existing conditions, and listening to your objectives for the project, design character and budget begins the discussion for a proposed spatial design. Measured Drawings of the Existing Conditions may have to be prepared if a plan of record is not available.

Task 2: Schematic Design

Based on the initial evaluation and discussion from Task 1 of the Scope of Work, this phase begins the measured collection, interpretation and development of information and program requirements into a Schematic Design. Coordinating your goals of program, site and building potential, and character will help to inform and develop a spatial plan and focus the project's Scope of Work. Preparation of preliminary Schematic Design should begin to reflect an appropriate and acceptable organization of spatial relationships and express the unique form and quality of those spaces in a loose-lined sketched plan. If required, alternate versions of plans may also be proposed to help resolve the process of finding the best custom-fit design solution.

Task 3: Design Development

The preliminary Schematic Design sketches are then further developed in the Design Development phase to better define the Scope of Work and design character. Hard-lined plans and elevations are drawn to scale with limited detail. The objective of this phase is to present the project's total Scope of Work with sufficient details for understanding and approval of the final proposed design. If requested, a set of preliminary drawings may be generated with adequate information for a contractor or construction manager to provide a preliminary Construction Cost Estimate. The estimated cost may then help to inform the extent of interior millwork and specialty finishes to accommodate budget concerns.

Task 4: Working Drawings

After approving the final Design Development drawings, a full set of Working Drawings are then generated. Included are the completed exterior detailed elevations, floor and foundation plans and sections, dimensions and window and door specifications. This final set of Working Drawings may then be submitted along with a Certified Plot Plan and Septic Design for approval by the Town Building, Conservation, Health and Historic Building Review if applicable. It is important to complete the review process and receive an approved Building Permit for the proposed design and Scope of Work before proceeding with the next phase.

Task 5: Construction Documents and Specifications

The required Construction Documents and Specifications are determined by the Scope of Work of each project. These documents will help to further define the Scope of Work by providing adequate details for accurate cost bidding and construction. Construction Documents will be provided and detailed to include , structural, mechanical and electrical drawings and specifications. Building materials, quantities and specifications of standards will also be provided in detail.

Task 6: Project Management

Project Management begins at groundbreaking and continues through the completed project. We will coordinate all design solutions with both on-site meetings and Construction Documents through the completed construction and installation of all specialty millwork and finishes. Any site specific measurement, layout, mock-up sampling and discussions on exact sizing and locations of specialty work are provided on an as-needed hourly basis. Any design services beyond our scope of expertise (landscape design, interior specialty works, etc.) may be provided upon the client's request.

Scope of Construction Management Services

Task 1: Building Permit Applications

We will prepare and submit an application for a building Permit and Energy Code Report with the Town Building Department and Historic Review Committee if applicable. Following the submission of the application form package, a Certified Plot Plan, and two sets of Workings Drawings, we monitor for the review process until a Building Permit is approved and issued.

Task 2: Construction Cost Estimating, Scheduling and Contracts

We will review all Construction Documents, specifications and construction costs after tendering out to bid accurate cost estimates from subcontractors and speciality services for each construction phase and discuss with you the various specifics upon receipt of those estimates. We will review all contracts for construction costs, terms of insurance and liability and payment schedules to subcontractors. We will propose a detailed and comprehensive scheduled timeline of the construction phases based on the Scope of Work. Upon completion of each construction phase, we will review the project status with you allowing for final site-specific alterations and approvals. Upon substantial completion of the project, we will review again and prepare a final list of items to be completed to your satisfaction before handover.

Task 3: Project Management

Construction Management begins at ground-breaking and continues through the completed project. We will review Construction Documents, Specifications and coordinate scheduling with sub-contractors for all phases of construction. We will also review the ongoing project with on-site visits to verify that all construction and fabrication of specialty works will be produced at the highest quality of standards and specifications. On-site inspections and review may also include alterations of Construction Documents or design solutions due to existing conditions and/or a client's desire for specific approved changed. A properly managed project will be handed over within the projected cost and time estimates given allowances for unforeseen existing conditions, various approved alterations to the original Scope of Work or weather-related delays.



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